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Academic Departments

Evergreen High School’s academics engage all students in rigorous, creative and innovative educational experiences that prepare them to advance the global community.

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English Language Arts

Evergreen High School’s English language arts gives students a strong foundation of knowledge and skills for future success.

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English as a Second Language (ESL)

Evergreen High School’s ESL program supports multilingual learners academically and linguistically.

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Math instruction at Evergreen High School is built on the principle that all students are capable learners of grade-level mathematics.

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The Evergreen High School science department fosters scientific literacy in all students.

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Social Studies

Evergreen High School’s social studies curriculum offers high-quality instruction aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards.

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Broadcast Production

EHS students can gain an introduction into this exciting field through hands-on experiences creating and distributing audio and video content.

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Business courses at Evergreen provide opportunities to develop real-world skills and acquire deeper insight into specific business topics.

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Instrumental and Vocal Music at EHS is integral to the core curriculum and provides students with unique experiences and skills.

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Physical Education

Physical education at EHS empowers students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to live healthy, active lives.

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Theatre at Evergreen provides opportunities for experiential learning and enhances a well-rounded education.

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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts program at Evergreen offers a balance of art creation, critique and analysis and history.

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World Languages

The World Languages program at EHS invites students to explore the world through the study of languages and cultures.

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