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Jeffco counselors are educated in the area of implementing a comprehensive school counseling program that targets the unique needs of the student. This approach includes support around academic, social-emotional and career planning and is delivered through classroom guidance lessons, small groups and in an individual setting.

Counselors support the development of social-emotional learning through the implementation of Sources of Strength, completion of suicide risk assessments, child protection reports and crisis recovery. They support career planning through the Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP).


Academic Resources

Evergreen High School is committed to offering challenging and engaging classes so that all students are prepared for college or a career. College Preparatory, Honors and Advanced Placement courses are all taught at a rigorous level so that all students can reach their maximum potential.

An in-depth course selection process is used each spring to make sure every student's academic plan matches their college and career goals. Use the links to check your grades in Infinite Campus and access course planning information, academic support options, SAT and ACT test prep resources, study skills resources, and additional educational options.


Counselors are available by appointment to meet with students regarding any academic concerns (see "Make Appointment" links at the bottom of the page). Additionally, they can help with organizational and time management skills.  Counselors also work with students to make sure they are scheduled into appropriate level classes, including support classes when needed.

Study hall and free period

All ninth- and 10th-graders have a Study Hall period in their schedule. All 11th- and 12th-graders have a free period. Students can use this time for homework, study groups, and library and computer access. Additionally, upperclassmen who are involved in National Honors Society are available in the library to tutor 9th and 10th graders who need additional help during their Study Hall.

‘Perspective for Parents’ podcast

Perspective for Parents Podcast by Nicholas D. Thompson LCSW

“I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, having earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder and a master’s degree in social work from the University of North Dakota. I have been working with youth and their families for over 10 years in a variety of settings including middle and high schools, private practice, residential treatment facilities, and detention centers. In addition, I have worked abroad with youth in Brazil and Costa Rica.

“I have a private practice in Boulder, Colo., give trainings and presentations to students, staff of school districts, and parents, and host a podcast for parents of adolescents called ‘Perspective for Parents.’

“My past professional experience includes working for the St. Vrain Valley School District as a Mental Health Interventionist, and serving as lead parent facilitator for iTHRIVE, an early substance abuse intervention program for teens and their parents.  I am passionate about assisting youth and their families realizing adolescence is a time of great opportunity and not just a phase to survive.”

Career & College

Evergreen High School staff can help students plan their path toward college and career.

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Course Registration

View information on course offerings, course selection and registration at Evergreen High School .

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Graduation Requirements

Evergreen High School students must meet credit and workforce readiness requirements to graduate.

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Individualized Career & Academic Plan (ICAP)

ICAPs help guide Evergreen High School students and families in their exploration of career, academic and postsecondary opportunities.

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Mental Health Supports

Evergreen High School promotes a safe, positive learning environment by supporting mental health.

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Student Records & Transcripts

Jeffco students and families can access official records and transcripts.

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Transitioning from Middle School

Resources are available for Evergreen High School students and families as they transition from middle school.

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High School Timeline

Evergreen High School’s timeline lays out the typical credit path for graduation. 

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Seal of Biliteracy

Evergreen High School students can earn the Jeffco Seal of Biliteracy by demonstrating proficiency in at least one world language in addition to English by graduation.

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Contact Us

Counseling Department

Phone: 303-982-3048